My aims

#1. To treat dogs considerately and kindly at the grooming salon so they enjoy their visits here as much as possible.

#2. As a groomer primarily working on my own, I cannot start any grooming process of any of the dogs admitted to the salon until all scheduled dogs have arrived. I therefore encourage all owners to be prompt when bringing their dog to me.

#3. To produce a trim that is as close as possible to the breed standard. This will be compromised to suit specific requests from owners (perhaps to suit their lifestyle) and to ensure maximum comfort of the dog.

#4. To keep your dog safe at all times - this is achieved by keeping all equipment in excellent condition and sterilised and ensuring dogs are safely restrained during grooming.

#5. Each pet I groom is very special. I feel the joys of a new puppy, the concerns of a medical finding or the ageing and loss of a pet I have been honoured to know and groom. I care about you as the owner and what you think and feel. Please consider me as your friend, after all we have something in common; a love of animals and your beloved pet.

— Written by Sarah Back to blog posts