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Dog grooming
Dog grooming
Dog grooming
Dog grooming

An Introduction to Me & My Dogs

Animals have always been part of my life - as a child our family always had dogs including Jack Russell terriers, poodles, Labradors and boxers! We also had a family of guinea pigs and I was lucky enough to get a pony when I was 12. When I was at school, I spent all my weekends and holidays outside with the dogs and horses.

My initial career choice meant that I wasn’t able to keep dogs as I worked in London and was away from home, although I still helped out with the family dogs at the weekends.

When I bought my own house and got married this enabled me to own dogs again - Springer spaniel and border collie cross. I competed in agility, have taken up CaniCross competing at events around the country and sponsor 3 dogs with the Dogs Trust.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to take a career break from work, and took the opportunity whilst I was off to get some experience in dog grooming.

I have professionally trained at Hartpury College, Gloucester followed by further training and work experience in the award winning dog grooming business and training school, Classic Canine Cuts in Blackwood, South Wales under the expert eye of Claire Hyde.

Quiet, rural and stress-free

Smiley Dogs salon is in a quiet, rural, stress-free location adjacent to our house, in a purpose built building, fully equipped with the latest professional dog grooming equipment.

I provide a full range of services whether your four-legged friend needs a bath and quick spruce up or complete styling to the appropriate breed standard, I specialise in delivering exactly what you ask for!

All breeds and sizes welcome

All breeds and sizes of dog are very welcome. I am very proud on the calm environment in my salon which gives your pet the best experience possible during their pampering session. All dogs receive one to one attention, whilst being handled in accordance with approved standards.

I hope you find all the information that you are looking for on this website - I am always more than happy to have a chat over the phone or come and visit me!

My Aims

#1. To treat dogs considerately and kindly at the grooming salon so they enjoy their visits here as much as possible.

#2. As a groomer primarily working on my own, I cannot start any grooming process of any of the dogs admitted to the salon until all scheduled dogs have arrived. I therefore encourage all owners to be prompt when bringing their dog to me.

#3. To produce a trim that is as close as possible to the breed standard. This will be compromised to suit specific requests from owners (perhaps to suit their lifestyle) and to ensure maximum comfort of the dog.

#4. To keep your dog safe at all times - this is achieved by keeping all equipment in excellent condition and sterilised and ensuring dogs are safely restrained during grooming.

#5. Each pet I groom is very special. I feel the joys of a new puppy, the concerns of a medical finding or the ageing and loss of a pet I have been honoured to know and groom. I care about you as the owner and what you think and feel. Please consider me as your friend, after all we have something in common; a love of animals and your beloved pet.

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